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Send flowers to your loved ones in Canberra fast and easy! Mr Roses offers you a hassle-free floral delivery service for any occasion. Just pop your delivery postcode as you check out the box of roses that you prefer the most!We don’t just deliver flowers to the recipient, but we also offer convenience to the giver. Order by 10 am for Express Sa...

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Canberra is the capital of Australia. The city is filled with cultural treasures in the Australian Capital Territory. It also has museums, galleries, and research universities. Canberra is spectacular for intellectual pursuits and it shows its fantastic exhibitions that Australia can always be proud of!

There are also a lot of tourist destinations that you can visit with your loved ones in Canberra. Explore and have a tour of Parliament House. Be mesmerized with the view from Mount Ainslie Lookout, and check out the animals in the National Zoo and Aquarium. 

Learn as you go on an adventure with the people dear to you in Canberra. And when they least expect it, give them a dozen blooms from Mr Roses to make the moment more memorable. This would make them smile for the whole week!

The Flower of Canberra: 

The National Rose Garden in Canberra exhibits the most delicate collection of roses in Australia. You can find the garden on the side of Old Parliament House. The roses in this area differ in colour, but the hue that stands out most are purple roses. They have a very unique shade, and you’ll spot them right away as you walk through the gardens. 


Similarly, the blooms from Mr Roses are rare in quality and they stand out from the rest of the flowers! These long-stemmed roses may be rare, but they can still be used for every special occasion. Very elegant, yet versatile. Make your loved ones in Canberra feel more cherished than they already are with our box of blooms!


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