Tulips - Mixed Colour

Tulips are a terrific choice for gifting flowers! Their versatility works well for both romantic and platonic gestures! Popular for birthdays, mother's day, anniversaries, get well and just because - tulips are the perfect blooms for any occasion! Enjoy same-say and next-day delivery we well as express delivery options in selected major cities.   

Simplicity personified, tulips have smooth, upright petals and slender, curving stems.

Tulips - a truly versatile gift

Tulips can signify a perfect and unconditional love, fit to give to someone important. Like roses, they can also be connected to the notion of love. The tulip flower is a great gift to your loved ones - whether it be your partner, your family, or your friends. 

These colourful blossoms are perfect for those who enjoy the little things in life. With its tall stems and smooth petals, they present in a simple, yet elegant manner.  

Tulips bloom everyday - their stems dance around and adapt to new environments. Did you know that they will look for sunlight, follow the shape of the vase, or continue to grow even after they're picked? They'll also open and close a fair amount while in the vase. A visual treat and incredible experience all in one! If you're looking for a lasting "wow" factor, these are the blooms for you!

The meaning of tulips


Aside from representing love, tulips are also known to symbolise rebirth. This comes from the fact that they're the first flowers to bloom in the spring. Because of this, it's a perfect gift to celebrate new beginnings.

Send a stunning arrangement to family or friends who have moved into a new house, or perhaps a friend welcoming a new baby. You can even send these to congratulate loved ones on landing that new job! Whatever the occasion, you can't go wrong with a happy and colourful tulip delivery!

Colour counts, and each colour has its own meaning. Red represents passion, while pink tulips express care and affection. White traditionally symbolises forgiveness, while yellow tulips represent happiness. Purple signifies royalty, much like the colour itself.

No matter the colour, tulips make a perfect gift for any occasion. 

Customise your tulip arrangement

Even though our flowers come pre-arranged, you can still customise them. Choose from a selection of add-ons to give your gift that extra personal touch.

Add a scented candle if you're looking to give a memorable housewarming present. Our fragrant candles will fill up any space with a comforting and soothing scent. The Neroli Blossom & Cardamom Love candle is perfect for this. White Lotus, Geranium Leaf & Bergamot Candle will also do the trick.

tulip flowers

If your recipient is into more floral scents, go with our Mr Roses Rose Scented Candle. It really does smell like roses! We've also got the White Musk & Lotus Gratitude Candle which smells divine! For more citrusy hints, Lemongrass & Mandarin Happiness Candle is the perfect selection.

To add a truly decadent finishing touch, pick the perfect bottle of champagne and then you're good to go! Tulips and champagne are a match made in heaven on their own but also make a great way to say congratulations.

If your recipient isn't into champers, no problem! We've got plenty of extra goodies including glass vases, cuddly teddy bears, unisex baby singlets, dairy milk and vegan chocolates and even umbrellas!

if you're looking for a meaningful last-minute gift - look no further! We're here to make things a breeze with our same day and next day tulip delivery.

Caring for your tulips

tulips arrangement

Tulips are intuitive flowers. Seriously, they'll keep growing even after being cut. It's one of the reasons why these flowers are so well-loved - it's because they have a truly interesting nature. They'll bend and play around in the vase as they search for sunlight and continue to grow.

To take care of your flowers, we recommend re-cutting the stems at an angle. Keep them in a cylindrical vase that is close to their height and be sure to fill it to 3/4 full with water. Take off any leaves below the waterline as this will also help keep your tulips alive and fresh.

As with most flowers, tulips are thirsty blooms! Make sure to change their vase water every second day for best results. Also, keep them away from direct sunlight and radiators as these will dehydrate your tulips.

Where to buy tulips near me

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Our Gorgeous Tulips are available in Brisbane, Newcastle, and for Sydney delivery.

For Brisbane, order by 2pm Monday to Friday for same day or next day delivery and for same day Saturday, order by 10:30am.

For same day Newcastle delivery, place your order by 1:30pm on weekdays and 11am on Saturdays.

For Sydney, checkout by 3:30pm for same day weekday delivery, and 10am for Saturday same day delivery. We also deliver during Sundays in Sydney as long as you place the order by 2pm the day prior.

Oh and by the way - express shipping is also available for same day Sydney delivery with a 4pm cutoff to select Sydney Metro postcodes.

So what are you waiting for? Send some love today with our gorgeous Mixed Coloured Tulips