Customer & Refund Policy



We promise to make sending and receiving our roses a joy. So if something is not 100% perfect, our Customer Delight team will always go the extra mile to make it right.


Mr Roses is dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional level customer service. In addition to supplying the world’s finest, hand-picked, long stem roses, we are dedicated to ensuring every part of your online experience is nothing short of world class.


Roses come in all shapes and sizes. That is one reason why they are so loved. Some varieties open fully while others stay closed. Some are fragrant, others are known instead of their beauty and elegance.

Please know that the colour of our roses can differ slightly from images on our website. That’s because each morning our florists choose the very finest roses available that day, no matter where they are from in the world. The farms, bushes, light and seasons all produce a variance in shades.

Pink Roses in particular are subject to seasonal availability. All colours may be replaced with the colour of the season if required.


Roses are, of course, a natural and perishable product. They react to their immediate indoor environment as well as external weather conditions. Drawing on our two decades of experience, we choose each flower by hand, ensuring only the freshest and highest quality blooms reach our customers.

We try to minimise the number of changes in condition which can reduce the longevity of our flowers. Once they are dispatched this is out of our control, so each package arrives with care instructions to help you look after them.

Please follow the instructions thoroughly to ensure maximum life of your flowers. The heat and humidity we can have in some States mean that this is especially important to avoid early wilting. We recommend changing the water in your vase daily. Air conditioning, extreme heat and changes in climate can all have an adverse effect. Because of the many possible variables, it is difficult to guarantee longevity in every case, but there are many steps you can take to look after your flowers. You can learn more here: 


Typically, your flowers should last a minimum of 3- 5 days. All our flowers arrive with care instructions to help you get the most from them. Should you find that despite following these instructions your flowers perish within 2 days, please provide 2-3 images of the Roses both close up and from a distance in the vase and email us at or call 1300 677 673 Mon-Fri 9am-4pm AEDT

Upon assessing the images provided we’ll be happy to replace them if we can see they have perished despite proper care being provided. We are unfortunately unable to replace flowers if they have been disposed of without images being taken. Any emails received 5 days after the date of delivery will not be entertained. Any complaints about your order must be informed within 5 days after delivery.


If a cancellation is required within the 2 days prior to your delivery date, we can offer a store credit to the value of your order.

In the instance you have changed your mind about an order, unfortunately, we are unable to provide a refund, however store credit can be provided.


Refund does not apply for non-delivery since the sender is ultimately responsible for detailing the relevant delivery information and ensuring the recipient will be at the destination provided. In the instance a fresh re-send is requested, a 50% discount from the total retail price (inclusive GST) will be granted for orders with issues out of our control.

Refunds also do not apply for issues around quality control where the recipient should take proper care of the Roses, in the instance, proper care has been given and images have been provided as evidence within a 5 day period to show the Roses in bad condition, replacement roses will be provided. Please email us if you have any issues with your order. 

Refunds are not available, only replacement roses or store credit can be provided. 

We are unable to refund any orders which are placed for special occasions (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day & Christmas Day) and all promotional & discounted orders.


Please note we run promotions randomly. In the instance you request a refund or cancellation as you have not utilised the promotion we are running, we cannot offer retrospectively and instead advise you sign up to our newsletter to ensure you are kept up to date with the latest promotions we are running.


Unfortunately, we are unable to take any requests with regards to delivery timings during special occasions such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, & Christmas Day.


Our early bird prices are the best rates we can offer pre-valentines. From the 7th of February, our prices increase since there is a huge demand for roses, and we find that costs from the best producers can nearly triple, which has an impact on our gift boxes. We don't want to compromise on our quality finish, so we want to make sure our returning customers know the reason behind the price differences for our Valentine's collection. No discounts can be offered/ redeemed during the valentines period, which commences 1st February - 15th February.


We will not take liability for any delivery made where the recipient is not at the destination provided and there is no safe place to leave the package, a refund in this instance will not be provided.

If your recipient is not going to be there when we deliver, you must tell us where we should leave their gift  (Leave in a safe place/attempt redelivery the next business day).

Our delivery partner, Australia Post will provide the opportunity for you to select a preferred delivery option in advance to ensure the Roses are delivered to you. If the recipient is not home, our drivers will leave the box of roses outside the house only where they deem safe.  An unsafe delivery might be if there is no sheltered place to leave the roses, or within clear sight of the street, or if there is no access to the building, apartments or condominium.

If in the instance the Roses are left, at this point, we take no liability for the delivery of your gift. If in the unlikely instance your Roses cannot be found, we accept no responsibility and are unable to provide a refund since Roses are perishable items we would have done our best to contact the sender and or the recipient.

A 50% discount from the total retail price (inclusive GST) will be granted in the instance a fresh resend is requested for orders with issues out of our control.

If we have been provided with an incomplete or incorrect address and the order has been delivered, the entire cost of both the product and delivery will be incurred by the customer to have it sent out again

If we have been provided with an incomplete or incorrect address and the order has been delivered, the entire cost of both the product and delivery will be incurred by the customer to have it sent out again


In the event of small errors in the order such as the wrong message card we do not offer a full refund as the recipient has received the flowers which are the value of the order. We believe in being fair and reasonable in circumstances like this and a customer care team member will always request to call the recipient to apologise & read out the message. In this instance, complimentary chocolates will be gifted to your recipient.

In the highly unlikely event that the recipient receives a totally incorrect order (ie red roses instead of pink roses) or missing items, a photo of the roses must be taken in its original box and emailed to us at Once this is confirmed, we will resend the box of flowers at the earliest delivery time possible for the day.

Please note that since our roses are packed with individual water pouches per rose to ensure longevity, leakage may occur.