WHO IS Mr. Roses ?

Mr Roses is the man you buy the BEST roses from. Born and raised in a flower market, he fell head over heels for roses. He grew to become the master behind one of Australia’s leading online florists, and after a long romance, he moved on. But now, he is back again, with his self-titled brand, Mr Roses.

Why? Because true love has a habit of coming back.

The Mr. Roses difference

THE quintessential flower of enchantment, roses run a gamut of emotion. From the depths of passionate romance to the whimsical excitement of friendship; the fluidity of the rose guarantees it a place in the heart of everyone.

the best roses

We have searched the globe for the finest equatorial growers. Typically, we find them at least 8,000 feet above sea level, namely Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya and Ethiopia. Here they are exposed to the ideal sunlight and temperature to produce the finest large head roses on the planet, which will be sure to WOW your recipient.

fresher longer

Our florists finish each rose by hand, de-thorning, and carefully plucking its guard petals away to make sure it looks its best from the moment it is unpacked. For its longest life we cut the stem at an angle for extra water absorption and each individual stem even has its own water sachet (with pure New Zealand water) and flower food is provided, ensuring optimal life span and condition. When your roses arrive the buds will be pre bloom to ensure your recipient enjoys its longevity.

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