Refer A Friend

Here's a gift you can send your friend!
Send them $15 OFF on us, and when they make their first purchase, we'll send you $15 off too!


  • What is a Refer a Friend Program?

    It is a great way to send your friend savings or gifts and getting rewarded with savings at the same time.

    We give you a unique link to share with your friends. When a friend makes a purchase with us, we will send you a reward code too.

  • How do I Get a Reward?

    When you share your unique link with a friend, whether by email or social media; they will be given the opportunity to receive a reward for their first purchase with us.

    When they make a purchase with their discount code, you will receive your discount code too.

  • What Rewards can I Earn?

    For every friend you refer you will save $15 off your next order.

  • What Rewards will my Friend Earn?

    Your friend will earn $15 off their first purchase.

  • How many referrals can I make?

    You can make as many referrals as you want. For each successful referral you will receive a coupon code. Please note you can only use one coupon code for each order you make.

  • I am not a customer. Can I still refer a friend?

    Yes you can. When your friend makes their first purchase, you will receive a coupon for your first purchase.

  • What are the conditions for getting a reward code successfully?
    • A friend you refer will need to make a purchase first before you can receive a your reward.
    • You will not receive a reward for referring your self.
  • Why did I not receive my reward for referring a friend?

    One of the following reasons could cause a referral to be missed or rejected

    • Your friend did not make a purchase using the email you invited them with
    • Your friend made a purchase without using the reward they were given
    • Your friend is an existing customer or subscriber
    • Your referral has been flagged as a self-referral

    If you believe your referral has been missed or should not be rejected, please contact us on