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10 Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him

Can’t pick the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your man? Don’t worry, girls (and boys), we’ve got you covered! We’ll take off the pressure off by helping you choose the best gifts to give to your partner this Valentine’s Day.

Men are not that complicated. Buying them gifts is easier than you think. Here’s a list from Mr Roses to give you inspiration. We’ve compiled the most thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your man. Whether he’s into sports, food or reading, you can always surprise your partner in the most creative way possible!

Make him fall in love with you even more as you get started picking the perfect gift for your man. And imagine seeing his flattered expression as you surprise him with your Valentine gift!

#1 A Unique Bottle Of Wine

Unless your partner strictly doesn’t drink, alcohol can be an easy gift option. Depending on your budget and their taste, consider buying an expensive bottle of wine, a big bottle of whiskey or even a classic bottle of champagne. If they are a connoisseur, there are affordable home brewing sets available online, and even local beer making courses. Just make sure he saves some for you!

#2 Fashion Accessories

While most men have plenty of boring socks, carry a wallet and have a few pairs of cufflinks, buying some expensive, high-quality accessories for your significant other might suit his style. Think special occasion pieces, or extravagant items you know your partner wouldn’t buy for himself, and keep the receipts to give him the option of selecting his own.

#3 A Classic Book

If your loved one is an avid reader, gifting them with a stack of books might be just what they need to feel spoilt.

Most book stores offer gift vouchers if you’re unsure what to buy, and some of the more specialised and online stores even sell first editions. If there’s a book your partner can’t live without, find a unique copy and inscribe your own romantic message.

Or find them a first edition print of an American classic that he can treasure forever.

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#4 Personalised Accessories

Personalised accessories make for such unique and quirky gifts, and these days almost anything can be personalised.

Some fun ideas include monogrammed towels, tailor-made clothes and even customised vodka! Personalised gifts show your loved one you put serious thought into their gift, by hand selecting something just for them.

#5 A Record Player

Vinyl is making a comeback don't you know?  If your man is a music aficionado, why not kickstart his love of old media with a record player and some classic records to remember his youth with.

A vintage disc of Michael Jackson's off the wall or Fleetwood Mac might just do the trick

#6 The Latest Tech Gadget

For most people, technology is a part of everyday life and most of us couldn’t get by without it. There are some items, however, that usually only most tech-savvy among us enjoy, like smartwatches, 3D printers, Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones or even the latest mobile phone. If you know your loved one likes technology but don’t know what to get them, try a gift voucher instead!

Some guys love gadgets of any type and there are a ton of great gadget gift ideas on the latest gadget blogs.

#7 Ticket To A Show

The beauty of buying your significant other tickets to a show is that it’s something you can enjoy together. If your partner likes going to the theatre or listening to live music, research what’s coming up and secure your tickets in advance. If you’re unsure what they might like, search for a genre you think they’d be interested in (like comedy, circus performance, music etc.) and book two tickets to opening night. Even if the show is bad, you’ll enjoy critiquing it together afterwards.

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#8 Make Him A Gift

Although their reputation suggests otherwise, homemade gifts are absolutely not just reserved for children to give to parents. Making something heartfelt is a fantastic option if you’re not looking to spend too much, if your partner has almost everything or if you want to give them something sentimental. You could make them a scrapbook, write them a poem or make vouchers for them to redeem, for things like massages from you, or even more mundane tasks like a promise you’ll take out the bins. Be creative and make it personal.

#9 A Romantic Escape

Taking time off work for a long weekend is just about as romantic as it gets. If you can afford it and have the time, consider visiting a bed and breakfast, staying in a fancy hotel or even flying to an exotic location you’ve never experienced. While you’re away you can take advantage of the alone time by booking a couples massage, enjoying a candlelit dinner or visiting a winery. You’ll reconnect and enjoy the experience together.

#10 Share A New Experience

Sharing a new experience with someone is a beautiful way to bond, especially if that experience is extreme! For the adventurous souls, consider bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding or something neither of you has done before. For the more introverted couples, a dance lesson, pottery session, cooking demonstration or art class might do the trick.

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Buying a present for your partner shouldn’t be a stressful experience, but rather a chance to spoil him with something he may not feel comfortable buying for himself. 
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