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What to do with roses on Valentine's Day

Red roses are popular Valentine's Day gifts since they’re the flower of love. Why? Because they convey deep emotions of longing, romance, and desire. Yep, sending roses on Valentine’s day is a pretty traditional way to express your feelings. But, in our humble opinion, Roses also make a perfect all-rounder flower you can give on any occasion. 

But back to Valentine's Day flowers....  

After sending flowers to your love this Valentine’s Day, why not spice things up? 

If you think roses are only good for viewing, we've got news for you! Check out our list of romantic activities you can use to make this Valentine's Day the most memorable yet!

#1 Arrange flowers in a vase

What can we do with roses? Nothing is straightforward than arranging them in a vase.

Flower arrangement might be challenging. But with a little time and creativity, you can create a stunning arrangement that brightens your home for days. It would be fantastic if you and your partner could spend time together.

Let’s choose a perfect vase, add some structure, and then arrange those flowers to your heart's content. 

#2 A Hot Tub Date Night

How wonderful can a dating night be? There are no bookings required. There is no menu to choose from. There is also no need to drive. It's almost the ideal Valentine's Day – a romantic hot tub date night at home, complete with plenty of romance. After a long day at work or with the kids, a hot tub date night could be the answer for this Valentine's Day.

If you're planning to surprise your date, let's think about lighting candles and dropping some rose petals in the water. Or you can sprinkle a trail of rose petals that your date can follow all the way to the hot tub.

The scent of roses is relaxing and rejuvenating. It can reduce your stress and immediate reactions as it is linked to our emotions.

#3 Make rose petal desserts together 

rose desserts

Doing something together is a terrific approach to actually get to know someone. You and your crush can try a dessert recipe together with rose petals as a main ingredient.

A variety of spring and summer desserts often include rose flavour. You can try rose sugar by blending rose petals with a little sugar in a food processor or blender.

For something sweet, you can sprinkle this on top of cookies, scones, or muffins. Rose syrup is useful to have on hand for making cocktails and infusing baked goods. Many people enjoy making jam with the fresh petals, or drying them and folding them into granola.

Sounds fun? The list of rose petal dessert recipes could be a good resource for your Valentine’s Day.

#4 DIY Homemade Rose Candle 

rose candle

Getting to learn new things together is the best thing.

Both of you can join an online workshop or watch YouTube videos to learn how to make candles. Especially, use rose petals to DIY a beautiful, scented candle. The smell of a rose candle can make you feel more relaxed and less stressed. They can trigger brain chemicals to keep a good mood.

After making candles, let's light them and enjoy a unique Valentine’s night together.

"Hold on!" Don’t forget to play some love song playlists to fill the space with love and romance.

#5 Frame The Petals for decoration

rose decoration

Another idea to use roses on Valentine’s Day is to press them and display them in a frame. Before pressing a rose between books, you must first arrange the petals on the flower. You'll also want to make sure there's extra paper on top and underneath the roses.

You'll want to press the flowers for a bit to ensure that they dry and keep their new shape. Once you've completed that, you may put them in a frame and hang them in your home to showcase them.

Whatever you do, ensure you have the best red roses to enjoy the perfect Valentine’s Day. At Mr Roses, we only sell the world's finest long stemmed red roses and package your flowers in a gorgeous gift box. You can not only surprise and delight your lover but also do something new together with the best roses. 

long stem red roses

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