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Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Home this year?

Celebrating Valentine's Day this year may seem a little different than in previous years due to the pandemic. Or maybe you’re watching your pennies and need to do Valentine’s Day on a budget this year? Whatever the case, you can still have fun with your partner and make it memorable and romantic when celebrating Valentine’s Day at home. Here are 5 creative ideas where you won’t need to leave your humble abode to have an awesome Valentine’s Day!

#1 Make DIY Valentine’s Day gifts

Instead of buying some gifts, you can try to make your own this Valentine’s Day. Delight and surprise them by putting on your crafting hat and expressing your feelings and thoughts in a unique way.

There are many easy DIY Valentine's Day gifts that anyone can make such as homemade bath bombs, lavender sachets or heart bookmarks. Whatever your choice, be sure to keep the recipient’s passions and interests in mind to create some thing that will remind them of you - even after Valentine’s Day is long over.

#2 Send a gorgeous box of roses to your lover’s doorstep

If you want to make your other half feel like the only person in the world this Valentine’s Day, sending them an elegant box of long-stemmed red roses might do the trick!

At Mr Roses we offer the long-stemmed roses which are the world’s finest and will last for weeks if taken care of properly. The longer your blooms last, the longer your lover will think of you. Don’t wait until the last minute to shop for Valentine’s Day flowers otherwise, you may be heading home empty-handed. You can easily order beautiful Valentine’s Day Roses online and we’ll take of the delivery for you!

#3 Experience your Valentine’s Day in the kitchen

“It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey to get there.” Who needs to burn cash on a fancy dinner this Valentine’s Day - when you can be your own master chef? Instead of looking for an expensive restaurant, cook up a storm and good or bad, it’s sure to be a dinner they’ll remember forever. Picking a difficult recipe or recreating one of your favourite restaurant dishes may be a way to impress. If you’re looking for something a bit more fun - why not team up and cook together?

Seared steak, garlic prawns, pan-fried duck, or a creamy vegan pasta dish are some of our favourite Valentine's Day dinners. Don't forget to have a tasty dessert like tiramisu or heart- shaped cookies to finish off the meal. Oh, and you can’t go wrong with a decent bottle of plonk! Want to giggle and laugh your way through dinner? You could always start a cheeky little food fight.... so long as you offer to clean up after.

#4 Movie marathon

Romantic movies are a great stay-at-home date idea.

We're not simply talking about sitting on the couch and watching Netflix; make it extra special by dragging out your mattress and settling in for a movie marathon. Heat up a bowl of popcorn, get a nice bottle of wine, light some candles with your favourite scent and take your Valentine’s Day to the next level. Your house may smell like a movie theatre post the popcorn cooking, but it’ll certainly be cheaper than going to one. Plus, you have the added benefit of staying in your pjs for maximum cuddle-up comfort with your partner.

Since there are so many romance films out there, some of which are substantially better than others, we've prepared a list of our favourite romantic movies to help you.

#5 Indoor picnic

Who says you can't have a romantic picnic for two without leaving the house? Gather the blankets, pillows, and champagne, as well as a delectable cheese board, and relax in the privacy and comfort of your own home. We propose using fairy lights and candles to create a romantic environment whether you're indoors or outside.

Especially, don’t forget to play some love song playlists and why not spoil your special someone with these beautiful red roses for Valentine's Day from Mr Roses. We guarantee your Valentine’s Day at home will still be romantic and memorable.


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