5 Ways To Celebrate International Friendship Day


As iron sharpens iron, so as a friend sharpens a friend - Proverbs 27:17.

There are no two people who are exactly alike. Which means, no true friends will ever have the same way of relating to you.

Do you have other irons in your life who can help (or had helped) sharpen you?

Whether they're friends from the past or present, Mr Roses will help you celebrate this special occasion and connect with them.

Check out this infographic from Mr Roses and learn some fun facts about friendship!


Here are 5 Other Ways To Celebrate International Friendship Day!



Give Them A Ring

The last time you spoke to your friend who doesn’t live close to you may be months or years ago. Hearing a very familiar voice on International Friendship Day is a good way to brighten each other’s day. For some, it may feel awkward to call out of the blue, but the awkwardness would fade immediately after hearing the first laughs. It won’t really hurt to let someone know you remember them.



Send Them Thoughtful Notes and Messages

 Write on a card, postcard-- or a sticky note-- and let them know how much you care. Let them reminisce some of the best memories you had together. If writing a letter seems a bit old-fashioned, you can use social media to post your message and let the whole world know how special these people are in your life.



Spend Time With Them Personally

If you can spend time with them personally, do it! Choose an activity that would allow you to catch up with each other and have fun. This may differ in every set of friends. Some might prefer quiet time in a coffee shop, others may want to go for a night out party, and others would enjoy watching a concert, game or movie.


Give Them Roses 

Roses are one of the most meaningful gifts to give to your friends. They are symbolic, timeless, and versatile. Here are some of the best flowers you can personally give or send by having them delivered for International Friendship Day!

Loving 9 Yellow Roses Gift Box


Loving 9 Yellow Roses Gift Box

Surprise your friends with yellow roses! The gesture of giving 9 roses convey eternal friendship. The perfect gift for International Friendship Day! Whatever season you and your friends are at, you can always connect with these special people with a gorgeous box of blooms from Mr Roses. Get them here.

Lucky 8 Red Roses Gift Box


Lucky 8 Red Roses Gift Box

 Every good friend supports your back. Giving 8 pink roses to your friend conveys your unconditional support and gratitude to them. This simple gesture tells your recipient, “You’ll never feel alone.” Surprise your friends with these blooms and get them here!



Keep The Spirit of Friendship Alive Throughout The Year

International Friendship Day is a simple reminder that friends play an important role to have a healthy and happy life. Keep nurturing your friendship by spending quality time with them, resolving conflicts quickly, and making time for you to plan for friendly dates together. Whether it’s a friend from the past or present, you can always keep the spirit of friendship alive with the communication platforms we have today.


The Beauty of Friendship

  Friendship is realizing you’re on a journey with someone while enjoying it together, supporting each other, and providing comfort and encouragement and unconditional love.

It’s about sharing a part of your lives, and friends add something to your current personality and beliefs as you spend time with them. And the part when you do things together makes it such a wonderful experience.


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