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6 Ways To Save Someone From Depression

This October 10th, we’re commemorating World Mental Health Day. And the United Nations wants to focus on suicide prevention this 2019.

Depression and suicide can happen to anyone.

Young people represent the future and yet, suicide is the cause of death of people around 15-29 years old. Suicide is not just a problem for high-income countries, because around 80% of suicide happens more in low-income countries.

The good news is, you can be your own hero even without wearing a cape or having superpowers. All you’ll need is a touch of compassion and empathy for another person. And Mr Roses wants to help you with this simple blog. Here are 6 ways to save someone from depression.


Be There And Listen

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The best thing someone can do for a depressed person is to simply be there and offer to listen, to let them know they’re not alone. This is already a big factor, just knowing that they have someone who understands and is on their side.

Give Them Roses

The simple gesture of giving roses to a loved one suffering from depression simply shows you care. Here are some of the best blooms you can give to make them feel they’re not alone:

Magnificent bright and beautiful pink rose bouquet from mr roses


White Cream Roses and Chocolate Gift Box 

beautiful white cream roses in a vase with adora chocolate gift box

If a loved one is going through a tough time, these roses are perfect to show your support. These white blooms represent new beginnings. Empower them with this small act of care. Get these gorgeous white cream roses paired with chocolates from Mr Roses!


Choose The Right Words

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Never say these words to a depressed person. It would only make things worse:

  • Snap out of it.
  • Try harder.
  • But you don't look depressed!

Instead, say these. It's better to ask a question and dig for the root cause if they're willing to open themselves up. 

  • Do you need someone to talk with?
  • Is there anything I can do to help?
  • It's ok to feel this way.


Avoid The Tough-Love Act

traditional weighing scale to weigh thoughts

Many people think that showing tough love will straighten up a depressed person. But it only does the opposite. Because it only pushes them away and makes them feel more inferior when they're most vulnerable. You just need to lend your ears and your heart while choosing the right words.


Learn As Much As You Can About Depression

man browsing through internet on his phone

Start learning everything you can about depression to know how you can best talk with your loved ones and avoid misunderstandings. Reading this blog from Roses Only about World Mental Health Day is a good start. Keep checking out more blogs and watch videos. You can help your loved ones by simply learning from the various free resources we have today.


Take Care Of Yourself

take care of yourself

Dealing with someone experiencing depression can be incredibly exhausting. Remember, you can only support a loved if you look after yourself first. 

Make time to relax, set boundaries, and don't give up the things you enjoy. You can only share the love with others if you can love yourself to the fullest.

Because being a hero first starts with you.


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