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9 Engagement Gift Ideas They'll Love

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A close friend (or a relative) got engaged? Then, now is the perfect time for you to show your support and appreciation. A gift to commemorate the dynamic duo’s milestone!

Whether you’re the one organising the engagement party or a guest, bringing a simple gift, with a good story in it, is a thoughtful way to express how special the couple is to you.

Check out below 9 engagement gift ideas from Mr Roses that can help you pick the perfect gift for your friend (or relative). So buckle up and enjoy reading!

1. Personalised Champagne Flutes And A Bottle Of Bubbly

Nothing gives you the opportunity to drink far more than you know you should as a wedding celebration does.

Personalised champagne glasses are a beautiful way to honour the lovebirds, and are a gift they'll be able to use for years to come as they toast all their special moments.

2. A Hamper Filled With Goodies

A hamper is a great option and can be homemade or ordered online. If you're making it yourself, our suggested contents include:

  • Flowers and Chocolates or Champagne
  • Vintage wine or spirits, with some accompanying glasses
  • Candles
  • A photo frame for wedding pictures
  • A wedding magazine for planning
  • Condiments, spreads and oils
  • A picnic blanket
  • Monogrammed towels
  • Perfume and cologne
  • A personalised breadboard

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3. Customised Art

This gift is a little bold, but if you feel confident you know your friends' taste in art, it really is a unique and breathtaking gesture.

Depending on their style, the artwork could be a sketch of the couple, a caricature, a watercolour interpretation or even an image inspired by their love. Be sure to check out the way they've already decorated their house so you can try to match the theme.

4. A Spa Voucher

As exciting and fabulous as wedding planning is, it's also tiring, stressful and time-consuming. Giving the couple a designated day of relaxation will be so well received and gives them the option to use it whenever it suits them, like after a particularly tense mother-in-law to groom chat, or before the kitchen tea.
There are bridal packages available and even options to have a mobile therapist come to them!

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5. A High Tea Voucher

It doesn't get much more civilised than an afternoon sipping on tea and munching on scones. High tea or Devonshire tea is perfect for a soon-to-be-married couple, as they could enjoy it as a break from their wedding planning, use it as an opportunity to discuss the more sensitive details of the big day with their parents, or even as a taster for a potential kitchen tea. Everybody likes morning tea, so this one will be a winner regardless of when it's used.

6. A Personalised Stationary

In a digital world there often doesn't seem like there's a need to use stationary, but not only is personalised stationery a lovely way to encourage things like handwritten notes and letter writing but will also come in handy as the special couple plan their big day.

Of course, you don't want to start selecting wedding invitations on their behalf (they have a Pinterest board for that, obviously), but two engraved pens, some stylish notebooks and perhaps even a personalised wax seal stamp make lovely gifts. 

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7. Beautiful Flowers

Perhaps the most classic gift of all, there isn't a person on earth who doesn't enjoy being presented with a stunning bouquet of flowers.

Ordering online means that you don't even have to think about getting to the shops. Check out Mr Roses' Infinity Roses. This way, the couple can preserve the flowers for a very long time to come!

You know we've got you covered with a full range of Mr Roses's romantic floral collection to choose from!

8. A Voucher For Your Own Services

If you're short on cash or prefer not to spend your life savings on another wedding, there are other ways you can show your love for the engaged couple, and be super helpful in the process.

Offering your time and skills to help plan the wedding is a generous way to be involved in the process, whether it's helping pick out a pair of shoes, driving Grandma to the airport after the reception, getting up at 5:00 am to pick out wedding flowers or put hundreds of stamps on wedding invitations. Buy a card and write a heartfelt message in it, and write down a few suggestions of how you could help.

9. Money, Money, Money

If you're really stuck for ideas and frankly, don't have the time to work out what to give the loved up couple, cash is ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS well received.
There isn't anywhere to hide when you give cash however, so make sure you're comfortable with how much you're giving, and keep in mind that between the kitchen tea, hens party, wedding present and any wedding-related travel costs, you'll be potentially spending a lot of money over the next few months. A well-written card goes a long way, too!

Remember, if you're stuck for ideas, nothing says over the top better than our collection of magnificent big rose bouquets.


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