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Black Friday Tips

We’re celebrating Black Friday this November 29th. It offers some of the lowest prices on products including TVs, clothing, toys, and electronics. Because of this, smart shoppers can save hundreds and thousands of dollars on this single day.

But shopping on Black Friday is very overwhelming because of its amazing offers, not to mention having to deal with the crowd itself. So many people would rather stay at home.

Whether you prefer shopping online, shopping at stores, or relaxing at home, you can always enjoy this special holiday in your most preferred way.

lady wearing sunglasses with shopping bags in both hands

Here are some Black Friday tips from Mr Roses you can use to enjoy the weekend. 

If You Want To Shop Online

Black Friday is one of the best times of the year to save tons of money especially if you're buying gifts for people. And shopping online is the most convenient way to do it. Here are tips for you to maximize your online shopping experience.

person making notes

Create A List Ahead Of Time Before You Buy

You should first know your wants and needs. It can be really easy to end up buying stuff that you just want over the things that you actually need on Black Friday. If you have a list ahead of time, then you can stay focused and not get distracted by so much advertising and noise coming at you.

weighing scale for pros and cons

Compare The Prices

Write down the expected price for the product online, so you'll know how much savings you're getting. Camel camel camel is a free Amazon price tracker website that shows you the history of any product on Amazon and it compares them with each other. 

Just because it's a Black Friday special doesn't mean it's the best price online or of all time. Doing your research on pricing would help you know if you're getting a good deal or if you're just getting caught up in the hype.

guy browsing options to shop from online

Research The Products

Sometimes, retailers would discount products that aren't that great, because of having extra inventory of it. It may be tempting to take this incredible deal, but the product might be terrible, since they may just be clearing it out.

So make that list, bookmark the pages that you like. Do as much research as you can and read the reviews to be more assured of the quality.

discount coupons

Look For Coupons And Discount Codes

What's cool about online shopping is sometimes, you can stack the savings by Googling the brand name, the website name, and coupon code. So now you have the Black Friday price plus the coupon you get online. And now your saving goes crazy.

shopping cart

Add To Cart Early

Stocks of products would go to zero very fast on Black Friday. Here’s a pro tip, add to cart previously and then check your cart at 12 am, because that’s when the price drops. Proceed to checkout before the stocks run out! 

Don’t fall asleep from all the turkey!

If You Want To Shop In Stores

If you prefer to have a feel of the store and its products, you might need these tips from Mr Roses to help you get ready, since it’s a lot more challenging to shop in crowded malls.

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Pick Your Starting Time And Set Your Alarm

The worst thing that you can do is just wake up at 10 am on Friday after Thanksgiving and decide you're going to shop for Black Friday. Well, it's not going to end well because you'll be stuck in so many lines. If you want to do a lot of shopping, it is best to start earlier.

top floor view of busy shopping mall

Know Where You're Going

Be familiar with the store layout. Visit ahead of time and take note of where your items are mostly placed. So when the foot traffic becomes heavy, you’ll know excactly where you’re going and you won’t be rattled with all the ruckus. And if you’re driving it’s best to know the shortest route, anticipate the traffic, and narrow parking spaces. Condition your mind and be prepared to shop like a pro this Black Friday.

dark skinned male standing in black tshirt

Dress For The Occasion

You don't need to dress hip on Black Friday. You'll have to prioritize comfort over style. Equip yourself with the most comfortable top you can wear. 

Women can wear long skirts and use big scarves or sarongs so they can try on clothes without needing the fitting room (some actually do this), use fanny-packs or any other hands-free bag, and have a pony-tail holder to keep cool.

Men can wear a nice pair of shorts and sneakers. Any dress that can keep you comfortable, you can wear them on Black Friday.

coupon barcode on phone

Prepare Your Digital Coupons

Have those coupons ready. It’s a lot more convenient having them on your phone than on paper. Here are some of the best Black Friday deals you can look at to get your coupons. Make sure all your coupons are useable on Black Friday!

lady soaking in sunlight in garden

Clear Your Mind After Shopping

Now you're done gathering your loot and you're all tired from all the shopping. A great idea is to download a meditation app to get you back on track and spend more time with your loved ones.

If You Want To Stay At Home

You don’t always have to shop on Black Friday. There are many people who actually avoid that. The traffic is also unbearable. Most people get a four day weekend. And it’s the perfect time to stay home and unwind. You’ll be using those free time to nurture your relationship with your family, friends, and yourself.

lady sleeping

Take A Rest

You deserve it! Give yourself some time to recharge. Whether by having a beauty rest, taking a warm bath, meditating, exercising or listening to music, Black Friday one of the best days to find your inner peace.

yummy variety of brunch food

Eat With Your Loved Ones

Whatever you’re craving for lately, indulge in them! Make cooking a family activity, enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers, or have food delivered so you can avoid Black Friday traffic. Make sure you’re enjoying the moment with your loved ones!

deck of uno cards

Play Games

Play rounds of UNO with your friends and family. You’ll burst out laughing when you get those extra cards in your hand or feel accomplished when you get to be the first one to throw that last card. You can also play Jenga and feel the tension in the air as the tower gets taller and taller. You’ll never notice the time running when you get to play the right games with your loved ones. Monopoly is also popular-- some families even have tournaments! 

Sportier families can play football in nearby parks or in their own backyards.


Movie Marathon

Take a poll on what everyone wants to watch. Majority vote wins. Use Netflix or Blu-Ray/DVD. Go get some popcorn, wear your most comfortable clothes, and spread out in the living room. 

Make Someone Smile This Black Friday With Roses

Let them feel the holiday spirit by sending them a box of gorgeous blooms from Mr Roses. If you have a friend or relative working in retail, they need cheering up after Black Friday. A shopping spree may be pleasurable, but in the end, zaps your energy. And those working on Black Friday have it worst. A box of gorgeous blooms from Mr Roses would give anyone an extra boost for the day.

yellow roses gift box

Yellow Roses Gift Box

The vibrant colour of this blooms can always make your recipient smile their brightest. These bright yellow roses from Mr Roses are the perfect gift to show support to someone. These blooms simply say, "You did well today and you deserve this gift".


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