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Celebrate QIXI: August 7th, Chinese Valentines Day


You may have already heard of the star-crossed lovers from the Qixi Festival. It's from an ancient story that inspired China’s day for love, otherwise known as Chinese Valentines Day. This 2019, it will be on August 7th.

It may not have the happiest ending, but it shows a meaningful one (which people can relate to). That’s why this story became the face of the Qixi Festival.

There will always be imperfections in every relationship. And those imperfections shape the character of people as individuals and as a couple and ultimately make us stronger.

Want to learn more? Check out the infographic below to learn the story that inspired Qixi.


How About Your Story?

The classic story taught us a simple, yet powerful moral lesson, “If there’s a will, there’s a way!”

You’re also living your own story with your partner! Of course, there’s joy, but sorrow and challenges also come.

You won’t be going against the gods, but you’ll have your battle against reality. Whether it’s a struggle related to health, finance, family, or even career, you should persist against them together which in turn creates a beautiful love story of unconditional love and respect.

Add Our Roses To Your Story!

Roses connect the hearts of two people. Surprise your partner with blooms from Mr Roses this Qixi!



Classic 12 Red Roses Gift Box

Sometimes, it's hard to express ourselves when our emotions take over. Put all your feelings in this gorgeous box of red roses from Mr Roses! This simple gesture can save us all from doing something grandiose (especially when our emotion gets in the way). Nothing beats the classic act of giving a box of dozen red roses. Don’t forget to leave your partner a message. Get our blooms from Mr Roses here!




Classic 12 Yellow Roses Gift Box

Your relationship with your partner is healthy if you’re each other’s best friends. Give them yellow roses this Qixi! These blooms symbolise friendship. And the gesture of giving twelve yellow roses represents eternal love and friendship. Make more memories and develop your friendship together. Get our blooms here!


Classic 12 Bright Pink Roses Gift Box


Classic 12 Bright Pink Roses Gift Box


 There is always beauty in the colour pink. Roses with this shade show femininity, elegance, refinement, and sweetness. But the primary meaning of this bloom is gratitude. The brighter the shade of the pink, the deeper the gratitude you convey to your recipient. There are hundreds of reason for you to be thankful to your partner. From their sweet smile and caring heart. Everything your partner opens up to you is worth thanking for! Give them pink roses this Qixi.

Classic 12 White Cream Roses Gift Box


Classic 12 White Cream Roses Gift Box

White roses symbolize purity, innocence, and youthfulness. But more importantly, they also represent new beginnings. Qixi is another time for you to celebrate a new season together while still staying strong in the midst of the challenges. Whether you’re a new couple or have been wedded for years, you can always see this time of the year a new season for the two of you to cherish. Surprise your partner with white roses!


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