How To Enjoy Being Single

This November 11th (11/11), we’re celebrating Single’s Day. It’s that day of the year where single (and non-single) people celebrate their freedom and independence by shopping the hottest deals they can find online.

It all started as an anti-Valentine's Day for singles. And now, it has become the largest shopping festival in the world. Even bigger than both Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

Celebrating Single's Day

Here are seven things you can do this Single’s Day. You can always be happy while being single.

Nurture Your Relationships

Being single means you have more time to spend with your family and friends. Whether you’re still waiting for the right one or you’re vocationally single, you can always find ways to strengthen your relationship with your loved ones.

Shop Online

Single’s Day is also known as the biggest online bazaar. Check out the hottest online stores to see promos for things you might want to buy. Click Add to cart even before 11.11! Enjoy the deals. Treat yourself with a fun online shopping spree.

Go Out Of Town

Travel to your heart’s content! Going out of town is a good way to reflect, know yourself in a deeper level, and meet new friends (who might be someone special). Give yourself a pleasurable experience of going to places you’ve always wanted to visit.

Food Trip

You can also make your heart happy by satisfying your stomach. What food are you craving for lately? Indulge in the food that your heart is crying for. Reward yourself with the best delicacies you can eat. 

Give Roses To Single People

Surprise a fellow single with a box of gorgeous blooms from Mr Roses. They may not show it, but this sweet gesture is still a sure way to make them happy this Single’s Day and bring a smile on their face.

Classic 12 Yellow Roses Gift Box & Adora Chocolate

This is the perfect gift for the singles out there.

One box of gorgeous blooms can always make anyone smile this Single's Day. This act of giving 12 yellow roses says, "You'll never feel alone." Get the blooms and chocolates from Mr Roses here.

Play Sports

Basketball, volleyball or tennis. Whatever you’re in to. Play some sports with your friends and break some sweat together. Keep that blood pumping. Stay active this Single’s Day!

Upskill Yourself

Being single is the best time to work on yourself. Attend seminars, meet new mentors, read a good book or set your long-term plans. Make yourself even more worthy of being loved by feeling your own worth first. 


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