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Mr Roses

Whatever occasion or event is coming up, you can never go wrong with giving roses.

There’s no other flower in history that has inspired hundreds of poems and paintings other than roses. The rose has been a symbol of love since the Victorian era. Roses come in different colours, corresponding to different meanings. Aside from the shade, the number of roses also have their own symbolism (whether it's a single rose or a dozen). They’re versatile for any occasion!

The flower language of the Victorians back then was called floriography. People communicated through flowers. The way we use emojis today was also the way they used flowers (especially roses). Adding more tone, emotion, spice (and scent) to the conversation!

Fast forward to today, this simple gesture of giving roses to a loved one is still going strong.
Not all roses are created equal. Mr Roses offers the finest long-stemmed roses for every special occasion!

Who is Mr Roses?

Mr Roses is the man you buy the BEST roses from. Born and raised in a flower market, he fell head over heels for roses. He grew to become the master behind one of Australia’s leading online florists, and after a long romance, he moved on. But now, he is back again, with his self-titled brand, Mr Roses.

Mr Roses had his name for a reason. It all started in his humble beginnings. As a child, he would always walk around the markets with his father looking for the finest quality flowers for their flower shop back then in Sydney.

The BEST Roses in Australia

What separates Mr Roses from the other flowers is our attention to detail. Overall quality control and consistent search for the finest roses is what the brand is all about.

The long-stemmed roses offered by Mr Roses are carefully handpicked and dethroned from Ecuador, Colombia, and Kenya - where roses with longer stems and larger heads grow. Our trusted florists and logistics guarantee that every bloom in Australia will arrive to its respective recipient garden-fresh!

Check out our wide variety of flower collections to shop roses online!


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