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Personalised Anniversary Gifts For Him

Anniversaries cherish the sweet moments from the past and look forward to creating exciting memories for the future to come. Give that special man the perfect gift to help him keep remembering what's truly important.

One good way of adding more value into the gift is by making it personalised. You get the chance to add the personality of your recipient on the gift. Here are the best personalised anniversary gifts for him, compiled by Mr Roses.

Personalised Bottle Opener

Give your man a sleek wallet-sized opener exclusively personalised just for him! Make that man remember you every time he opens a bottle of his favourite drink. Get the opener here!

Personalised Men’s Watch

Appreciate your man's effort of always sharing his time for you. Surprise him with this watch for your anniversary. Have your message engraved on the watch. You can choose from the templates available or have your actual handwriting on it! Click here to get started.

Family Milestones Wall Art 

Complete the names and dates in this family tree immortalized on this canvas as timeless as the seasons and strong as an oak. Make your man feel extra special by making him see the family that you've cultivated together through the years. Get the frame here!

Red Roses Gift Box

Yes, you can give your man roses! It's a symbol of passionate love. And according to studies, men enjoy being given roses the same way as women do, especially if it’s from someone special. Some won't just show it (but they do love it). Put warmth into their hearts with this thoughtful present and don't forget to leave a message! Roses can actually be one of the most unforgettable anniversary gifts for him! Get our blooms from Mr Roses here.

Personalised Anniversary Bracelet

A simple, yet meaningful gift you can give to your man. Choose your prefered metal on the bracelet from aluminium, copper, silver, and gold. And customize the text to be engraved. Always remember that there is always beauty in simplicity. Get the bracelet here!

Bluetooth Turntables

These classic music players are back and they’re awesomely portable.  This is the perfect gift if your partner is a music aficionado. Maybe start his collection of vinyl records. Have your message engraved on the case and you can even pick your guy’s favourite colour. Get the turntables here!

Exclusively tailored anniversary gifts for him are the most unforgettable. Keep your man inspired. Make him remember the past, appreciate the present, and look forward to your future together!


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