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5 Reasons To Be Kind With One Another

In a world where you can be anything, choose to be kind.

We’re celebrating World Kindness Day on November 13th.

Yes, you can make the world a better place by simply being kind. But another great benefit of choosing to be kind is by enhancing the state of your body and mind. There are many things that kindness can do to you without you even knowing it.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be kind to one another. The best time to start is now!

lady smiling and signalling "OKAY"

An Act Of Kindness Is Free

That’s the best part of being nice. Kindness is a choice and it doesn’t cost any cent at all (well, most of the time). Opening a door for someone, controlling your temper while driving, or simply smiling at a stranger makes a big difference. You may not realise it, but in every moment of your life, you always have the choice to act with kindness.

old asian lady happy and smiling

Kind People Live A Longer And Healthier Life

Studies show that people with positive emotions tend to live longer and healthier lives. For instance, research also says that acts of kindness and positive emotion can help reduce blood pressure, lessen stress, and improve sleep.

two toddler black kids playing and having fun in water

Kind People Are Happy People

Kindness is all about giving yourself to others. And the more you give, the more fulfilment you’ll feel (especially when you see a smile or hear a thank you). In whatever means you wish to share yourself, you’ll always feel satisfaction from your actions, even if you get nothing in return.

Humans are social beings. And we get a lot of happiness from relationships. Kindness from other people makes you happy and happiness makes you kind. It’s a cycle of happiness.

friends laughing together

Kindness Is Very Contagious

With so many things happening in the world. Often times we forget to be nice to others.

And studies show if someone sees you being nice to one person, it becomes contagious.

When you perform a random act of kindness, it can have a domino effect. You can start now by being kind to the person next to you. Check out this video to see how contagious a random act of kindness is!

guy helping his friend climb down a rocky hill

Kindness Makes A Difference

We are all wired for kindness and it’s natural to us. A simple act of kindness can make a big difference. 

We don't need to do extravagant things to make a difference. Most of us won't really change a person's life. But seeing a smile is already fulfilling. And that already makes a big difference.

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Are you thinking of putting some extra effort?

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long stem bright yellow roses gift box

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Be kind in a meaningful and unique way. Give these bright coloured flowers that act as a bridge to start or nurture relationships.

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