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The Art of Mindfulness

Mindfulness Day is celebrated every 12th of September. People go to workshops, meditation groups, or take some alone time to be simply mindful. 

This special day is intended to raise awareness about the lasting benefits and importance of mindfulness. Being in the present moment is the key!

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Making Mindfulness A Practice

Mindfulness is the habit of being in the present moment. Observing thoughts, feelings and sensations without any judgement. 

It’s about getting out of autopilot mode and taking conscious control of your attention. We practice mindfulness by maintaining awareness of our own feelings, body, and the environment around us.

One popular way to become mindful is through meditation.

We Can Also Be Mindful By Learning From A Rose

There are also other unconventional ways for us to be mindful. And we can do it by appreciating the beauty of a rose.

Roses have been a part of our celebrations and life events since the Victorian era. The reason why people love them is also because of their temporary nature. 

When appreciating these beauties, you won’t be thinking about yesterday, tomorrow, or the day after. They are made to be enjoyed right now, in the present moment, because they may not be here the following day. You touch the petals, smell the scent, marvel at the stem and be mesmerized by the hue of the flower.

If you’re having the trouble of being mindful, get some roses. Look at them, smell them, and feel them. Focus on them alone and you will become present.

Being Mindful To What Really Matters

Mindfulness shows us what’s really important. Our relationships with the people around us! Family, friends, partner, and our creator.

Sometimes, we’re too busy with our work, studies, and hobbies, we tend to forget to appreciate the people that give us meaning.

When you get the hang of being mindful, you won’t just appreciate your entire surroundings, you calm your emotions, and you sharpen your senses.

When you learn to be mindful, you also become attentive to the most important people in your life. This Mindfulness Day, enjoy the present moment with your loved ones and surprise them with a box of blooms from Mr Roses! 

Roses That Open Up The Mind And The Heart

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Elegant 10 Yellow Roses Gift Box

Yellow roses are associated with the sun and its life-giving warmth, which is always present above us giving light throughout the day. The act of giving 10 yellow roses says, "I will always be by your side to brighten up your day." Enjoy the present moment with your loved ones and keep building your relationship with them. Get our blooms here!

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