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The 10 Best Valentine's Day TV Episodes

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner, family or friends, there’s nothing more relaxing than a couch session with the people you love most to be with! Watching an episode or two with some popcorn and drinks. And when they least expect it, surprise them a box of dozen red roses!

Looking for recommendations on what to watch this heart’s day? Then you’ve come to the right place. Check out the best Valentine’s Day TV episodes compiled by Mr Roses!

Friends: The One With The Birthing Video 

Season 8, Episode 15

In typical Friends format, The One with the Birthing Video follows the funny, weird and dysfunctional relationships between Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe, with plenty of laughs along the way. Joey is pining for Rachel and manages to depress the happiest dog on earth, while Ross is in the midst of a love triangle that could lead to disaster. Meanwhile, Phoebe gifts Rachel a birthing video that is accidentally found by Chandler, who mistakes it for a naughty Valentine's Day film. This fun episode covers everything from heartbreak to a new life in its rawest form and delivers that always classic and comforting Friends feeling. 

30 Rock: Anna Howard Shaw Day 

Season 4, Episode 13

Always quirky and unexpected, 30 Rock is a great choice if you have an off-beat sense of humour and need a good laugh. This Valentine's Day episode follows three of the main characters as they experience very different days. Liz Lemon has a dental appointment from which she can't get a ride, Jenna finds out that her stalker has found someone else to follow, and Jack spends the evening with a hot date. Like every 30 Rock episode, it's a funny, lighthearted and honest look at what Valentine's Day looks like from every point of view. 

Arrested Development: Marta Complex

Season 1, Episode 12

Although it didn't receive the ratings of the other shows listed in this article, Arrested Development has gained a cult following in the last decade, which has spawned new seasons and a to-be-confirmed movie. In this episode, while Lindsay is looking for a way out of her farce of a marriage, Michael and Gob fight over the same woman. With a phenomenal cast including Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi and even Liza Minnelli, this episode is perfect for a quirky night in.

Frasier: Three Valentines 

Season 6, Episode 14

Over its impressive 11 year run, Frasier, Niles, Martin, Daphne and Roz went through everything from lost jobs and weddings to babies and new romances, all with the trademark Frasier style. Always full of miscommunications and confusion, each episode is at once funny and poignant. Three Valentine's is no exception, with the show following three very different types of evenings. The opening scene displays the comic genius that is David Hyde Pierce in all his glory!

Community: Communication Studies

Season 1, Episode 16

Although only short-lived, Community is another off-beat comedy that produced some big stars (Donald Glover and Allison Brie, to name a few), and always impressed with its long-running and subtle jokes throughout each season. Valentine's Day at Greendale consists of unmet expectations, unrequited love and lots of silly activities that typically occur at this fictional college. Community is always good for a laugh, whether you're spending the evening alone or with your special someone.

Parks And Recreation: Galentine’s Day

Season 2, Episode 16

If there's one show that does girl power right, it's Parks and Recreation. Perfect for a solo night or an evening with fabulous friends, watching Leslie Knope fight the good fight is guaranteed to raise your spirits. While there are actually three Galentine's Day episodes in Parks and Recreation, the first one is our favourite, as it introduces 'Galentine's Day', a special celebration of friends, non-romantic relationships and the bonds between people. Heartwarming, humorous and sweet.

How I Met Your Mother: Desperation Day 

Season 6, Episode 16

Perhaps the name that many of us would like to use when describing February 14, How I Met Your Mother does a great job at following five very different characters as they search for very different types of relationships in Desperation Day. Marshall and Lily are celebrating in different states, as Ted takes things slowly with his newly divorced girlfriend, and Barney searches for available, desperate women. True to form, this episode is at once heartwarming and playful. 

The Office: Valentine’s Day

Season 2, Episode 16

If you haven't yet watched The Office, it's not too late to come to the party. Steve Carell is absolutely hilarious, and the ensemble cast does a fabulous job in their roles as disgruntled, bored and eccentric office workers. In this episode, Michael Scott lets slip that he and his boss Jan, slept together, and his big mouth ends up getting them both into trouble. If you don't mind cringe comedy, you'll love this hilariously awkward episode. 

Modern Family: My Funky Valentine 

Season 1, Episode 15

Modern Family has won so many awards, including 22 Emmys throughout its tenure, it's little wonder it has survived for so long. My Funky Valentine is one of the earlier episodes but is so funny it's clear why this show was a hit from the beginning. Throughout the episode, Phil and Clair indulge in some role-playing, when to Claire's horror, she runs into her dad. Meanwhile, Cam and Mitch try to help Manny approach a girl he likes. Modern Family is so easy to watch and does a great job at showcasing families in all their forms.

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